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Fences have a tough job to do. They're there to keep intruders out and keep family members (including pets) safe. They have to clearly mark out boundaries in a firm but friendly way, and they have to limit visibility so that prying eyes don't disturb your privacy. At the same time they have to look good, keep doing their job whatever the weather, and be as cost-effective as possible.

That's a lot to ask. Fortunately Durham Fence Pros have all the answers so whatever kind of fence you have, or want to have, we are the people to talk to about ensuring your property has the perfect perimeter.

About Us

Durham Fence Pros is a professional fence contractor in Durham, North Carolina. We are installation professionals for all types of fences whether 12 foot chain-link security perimeters for commercial properties or picture-perfect white picket fence for the all-American home.

We advise, we quote, we do the work, and we do the repairs if your existing fence is starting to show its age or looks like it has been on the receiving end of a beating. Give us a call to know more.

Durham, NC

There's not much in fencing we don't do. As a professional local fencing contractor we know local codes by the book and can make sure your property and your pool are as safe as you and the state want them to be.

We can consult with you on your fencing needs and come up with complete and cost-effective solutions for privacy, security, or just plain good looks no matter what kind of property you have.

This is a picture of a fence contractor.
Fence Installation

The starting point. For your fence installation you want to know you can count on years of experience and in-depth industry knowledge of different materials, building codes, costs, durability, and maintenance expectations.

Durham Fence Pros offers all that. We can install everything from pool fences, to security chain-link perimeters, from elegant looking wood pickets, to practical and long lasting aluminum.

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Fence Repair

Because time, nature, weather, the family, and Uncle Toby's fender bending antics at the gatepost can all take their toll on your fences. Fences stand like guardians at the edge of your property and if they start to sag and look tired then you're sending out a message to the outside world about that. In the case of security fences that's downright dangerous.

So if your fences aren't looking as sharp as they should you'll need the services of prompt, knowledgeable fencing contractors to put them to rights. Right now.

"We've got a pretty large parking area on the side of our property and as the old wooden fencing and rusting chain surrounding it started to fall apart that car lot seemed to be seeing more use from the local youth at night than we were happy with. Durham Floor Pros put up a high chain-link fence around the entire space is less time that we thought possible at a price that came in under the quote. We were delighted and now nobody comes into the lot unless we want them to." - Donald L.

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​Wood Fencing

Traditional, beautiful, robust, and for many of us the epitome of the American dream. Of course we like wooden fences and at Durham Fence Pros we know how to give the age old materials a modern twist to improve their durability.

Whether you are looking for a classic style, environmentally sustainable materials, a soundproof barrier between you and the neighbors, or a delicate garden latticework fence we can take you through your wood fence options and install your dream choice.

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Chain-Link Fencing

Sometimes your fencing needs to send out a clear message about keeping people, animals, and vehicles off your property and there is nothing so effective or cost-effective as chain-link fencing to do that.

Chain-link fencing is every bit as tough as it looks but modern fencing options including plastic covered wire mean that the range of styles and colors might surprise you.

"We had a concrete wall at the end of the front yard and it was an eyesore. Durham Fence Pros replaced it with a wooden fence and it has simply transformed our house into a home. Overjoyed." - Davina K.

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Aluminum Fencing

Modern, virtually maintenance free, and available in an ever-growing range of styles to suit your property and your needs. Aluminum fencing is such a cost-effective choice that it is no surprise that it is one of our most requested services.

We are experts in aluminum fencing solutions and the powder coatings that ensure they look good and stay looking good for your lifetime and that of your property.

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Swimming Pool Fencing

Your family's safety is of the utmost importance so of course you want to have a fence around your pool to protect from unwanted dips. But that fence also has to do the job of keeping your furry family members out of harms way plus every detail of its size, shape, and material is specified in a legal code set down to ensure safety.

Getting that right is a professional job, so leave it to the Pros.

"Reliable, on time, and on budget. Durham Fence Pros put up an aluminum fence around our yard which looks good and means I'm never going out with the sandpaper and wood stain again. Highly recommended.." - Susan P.

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