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Wood Fencing - Let us create some privacy with a wood fence for you and your family

  • We have the best resiential and commercial designs for you to choose from.
  • We are local, affordable, custom, and a professional builder.
  • If you are looking for privacy, some simple repair work to be done, or just a good company nearby we are here for you.
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The original and some would say best. We Americans love wooden fencing – consider everything that is conjured up by the simple phrase 'white picket fence'. Wood has a warm feeling about it and if you choose the right wood it can last a lifetime – not just yours but your home's. Wood fences are excellent for their looks, as noise barriers, and for privacy, but don't forget that real wood will require more maintenance than some of the other materials out there. If you're not sure what that means in real terms, then talk to us at Durham Fence Pros and we can talk you through the installation, and maintenance issues.

There are nearly as many factors to take into account in choosing wood for a fence as there are for a good wood floor so pick up the phone to us and we'll be happy to take you through the different factors of how wood would look, what wood would work best, and how much that is likely to cost you to install.


Mention wood fencing and most of us think of a picket fence. With good reason. Picket fences are great for kids and pets, they look traditional, and have that 'happy home' look. But picket fences are far from the only style of wood fence.
'Dog eared' fences allow to a visual flow around unusual shaped yards, and offer a lot of choices of style. Lattice fences look beautiful and give a flavor of country garden while carefully chosen patterns still do a great job of preserving privacy, while lock board fences have elegance and show craftsmanship.


Wooden fences have a lot of price benefits too. They are typically cheaper than aluminum equivalents and ease of installation means you don't pay so much up front. They can be painted to any color you like which means you can give yourself a totally new look with a paintbrush if you ever want a change.

Done well they can also increase the value of your property making a good wood fence an investment rather than an outlay.


You've probably heard of the environmental concerns about using exotic hard woods but when it comes to your fence you can relax. With Durham Fence Pros no rain forests were harmed in the making of this fence.

Talk to us about options. Reclaimed wood that has already been used in another fence, sustainable cedar, pine, or even bamboo can all be striking natural materials for fencing that suit the more green-conscious consumer.


Wood fences are like living things and take a little more TLC than some of the other materials you can choose from. To keep them looking at their best wood fences will occasionally need cleaning but also staining or sealing to avoid warping and UV damage from the sun.

At Durham Fence Pros we're experts in wood care so we'll include a full consideration of maintenance as part of any wood fence installation.

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