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Aluminum Fencing - Spruce your yard up with an aluminum fence

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Why aluminum? Very simple; aluminum offers a great range of looks, is quick to install, can offer you all the imposing style of wrought iron, and yet costs a fraction of iron and simply can't rust. In fact if you chose a powder coated aluminum fence they are basically free from maintenance and highly resistant to corrosion and the effects of bad weather.

Tough and good looking, aluminum fences offer great security for the outlay and the ever-growing choice of styles on offer these days means you get to choose the look you want. No wonder then that aluminum is so often the material of choice for perimeter and pool fences where you need a a sturdy and affordable material that also boasts the kind of good looks that make you happy every time you look out the window.


If you think that aluminum fencing only comes in the four foot high spike top variety then you need to talk to Durham Fence Pros about the amazing range of different styles there are out there. Flat top, double picket, press point, puppy picket – these are just some of the attractive and durable aluminum fence styles we can offer and install for you to make your home as secure as it is beautiful.

If you're concerned about saving the planet there's an argument that aluminum is as green an option as sustainable wood because there are fencing products made from recycled aluminum.


The great beauty of aluminum is that it simply can't rust, and unlike wood it won't be affected by the sun so you don't have to repaint it, sand it, or reseal it. Modern powder coatings mean your aluminum fencing from Durham Fence Pros will stand the test of time, whatever the weather. Aluminum doesn't rust. It doesn't crack in sun and rain, and if it's properly powder coated it won't even change color.

In fact because it can expand and contract it can deal with changes in temperature better than wood. Which means that you'll still be looking at a great-looking fence long after our installers are gone.


The ground around your property isn't always flat and and that can cause problems for some types of fencing. Not aluminum. Aluminum fencing comes in angled sections that help work around the curves of the ground and keep fences looking even.

The variety of shapes and sizes of aluminum fence elements also makes it a great choice when putting together modular walls including different elements and materials.


Aluminum is strong and makes a great barrier which is why it's so popular in situations like pool fences where it absolutely has to do its job of keeping kids and pets out of the water when you don't want them in there.

Because it doesn't soften with age or rain it is not going to crumble and ground water isn't going to make it any less stable so it will be secure and strong for years to come.

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