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Chain-Link Fencing - Protect your home and land

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Although security and cost are the biggest reasons why people choose chain-link there are more benefits to chain-link than you think. Solid fences block out light and in some cases air, they suffer from the sun, and can be brought crashing down by high winds or snow.

Chain-link doesn't suffer from those downsides. At Durham Fence Pros we understand the security implications of all types of fences and our experienced installers will be happy to explain to you the pros and cons of different fencing materials, or of different combinations of fencing materials at different points around your property's perimeter.


The first reason people think of chain-link fencing is security – whether that means keeping animals in or keeping people out chain-link is tough and has the benefit of being see through.

There is one glaring security problem with safe looking high walls which is that once an intruder has scaled them those same walls keep the intruder safely out of sight of neighbors or law enforcement. Chain-linking doesn't do that. Its strength, security, and cost-effectiveness is why chain-link fences are the number one choice at airports, military installations, and immigration borders so if it can do its job there you can be pretty sure it can do its job around your perimeter.


Chain-link fences are tough enough for commercial protection and even crowd control and certain law enforcement uses so you can be confident that a sturdy chain-link fence will be up to the job of protecting your property's perimeter.

As well as the security issue of visibility mentioned above the see-through nature of chain-link fencing also means that it has no problem with high winds so in exposed locations it can be absolutely the best choice. Rain, snow, or termites hold no fears for galvanized chain-link fencing.


Chain-link fencing is one of the best value solutions you can buy for secure fencing. It is a great cost-effective alternative to traditional materials like wood or vinyl, while offering security benefits those materials simply cannot. Simply put if you have a large perimeter to secure and you're working on a budget then you need look no further than chain-link.

Installation is quick, particularly compared to other fencing solutions and all the more so if the area to be covered is substantial. Plus once your fence is up there's little or nothing to be done in terms of maintenance so you don't have to budget for repainting, or retreating any further down the line. Talk to Durham Fence Pros' experienced installers for a quote about just how little you could be paying for a professionally installed, industrial strength chain-link fence around your property.


Silvery galvanized chain-link fencing is everywhere but if you opt for vinyl-coated links you get even better all-weather protection for your fence and a choice of a rainbow of colors to better fit in with your property.

Want to know more about your options when it comes to styles and colors of chain-link? Then give Durham Fence Pros a call today.

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