Fence Repair
This is a picture of a wood fence.

Weather, vandalism, accidents, and plain old fashioned aging can all conspire to make a fence look ugly and worn. The fence is the perimeter of your property, it's the first things anybody sees and if it is damaged and uncared for that sends out a very clear signal. Worse yet any damage done to a fence is likely to reduce its ability to do the thing it is there for.

Whether it was designed to keep animals in or people out, to stop neighbors looking in or to give them something worth looking at a damaged fence just isn't the fence it was meant to be. Accidental damage tends to be sudden and needs a professional that is ready to come round right away to fix it. The temptation with slow damage from weathering or erosion is to turn a blind eye until it gets to the unbearable stage but that only makes the repairs a bigger job. We can fix any fence because we work with all types.

We are fence installing contractors so we know just how fences should be set up and we're perfectly placed to put them back into brand-new condition. So give Durham Fence Pros a call now, before that fence starts to look any worse.

Accidents and vandalism

Accidental damage to a fence can be sudden and brutal. Take that turn into the driveway a little too tightly and there goes a fence post. Vandalism or attempted break ins are even harder to predict but can cause structural damage that leaves the fence more vulnerable to attack next time.

A purposeful response, fixing and maybe upgrading that fence is a clear message to back off. Whatever the cause Durham Fence Pros will come round right now and give you a quote before getting down to work. Trust the Pros.


Wood fences are robust but if they aren't maintained then eventually a combination of sun and water will see them lose integrity and become brittle or crumbly. At that point they look bad and if they're rough and splintered they may pose a risk to children so don't hesitate – call Durham Fence Pros and we can repair those pickets and match them perfectly with the rest of the fence. Or perhaps we should talk about replacing them with something more suited to their purpose.


Erosion can lead to soil movement and that can lead to fence posts leaning and fences sagging. If your fence posts start pointing in different directions it doesn't just look wrong, it means the whole fence is under stress. The worse it gets left to sag the bigger the job of replacing so give us a call now.

Hinges, gates, and compliance

Gate sagging on its hinges? Latches that don't latch anymore? That might just be a quick fix on the latch but it could mean that the fence posts are in trouble and need some attention. Some latches are more than a security issue – pool fences for example fall under a very strict set of legal codes – so getting your latches latching and gates shutting is important. We can help.

Durham, NC