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  • Are you ready for the best reisdential, or commercial upgrade for your backyard?
  • We come higly rated, are local, trusted, and have the best prices in town.
  • Professional, Licensed, Insured, and Bonded.
  • If you are looking for an affordable aluminum, split-rail, custom wood privacy fence, or chain-link replacement we can give you a free quote or estimate today.
  • We also provide local custom wrought iron gates installs, and have the best replacements and design team available.
  • Our Company has the highest reviews, because we give accurate costs, which is why our customers trust us.

There are as many reasons for installing a fence as there are types of fences. And at Durham Fence Pros we know them all. If you're looking for a fence contractor in the Raleigh NC area then pick up the phone right now to Durham Fence Pros and talk about your options. We install all kinds of fences from traditional white picket to security chain-link, aluminum and vinyl. Whatever your reason for installing a fence we know what type of fence is best suited to your needs and we can probably show you options for customizing that fence that you had never thought of.

We have long experience and consider ourselves craftsmen of the trade so don't just call up any old handyman for the job – get in touch with the professionals. As well as a friendly and knowledgeable fencing expert to talk to you'll get advice and a realistic quote for the job as well as an in-depth discussion about the pros and cons of your different options.

Security and privacy

Depending on the nature of your property security and/or privacy may well be top of your mind when it comes to fencing. We can install anything from 12 foot chain-link fencing to sturdy aluminum spiked fencing to deter intruders whether they be casual or professional.

From a privacy point of view you might just need some delicate latticed wood to cut out direct line of sight, or you might be looking for a solid wood fence to cut down on noise and totally block out the view. Call Durham Fence Pros and we can explain what can be installed and what will best meet your needs.


After security it's usually cost that comes next to mind for the property owner looking to upgrade their perimeter. Cost is another reason to come to the pros at Durham Fence Pros because our long experience means we are perfectly placed not only to do the price comparisons of one material over another but also to explain that, for example, a wood fence has a shorter warranty period than a vinyl or aluminum fence.

We can talk about the cost of installations but also any likely repair fees that you are likely to face because we do it all.

Children and pets

What kind of fence depends on who and what it's meant to be keeping out. We install fences designed to keep your family safe – whether that's the little ones, or the little furry ones. Pool fences are a great example where your family's security is at stake so you want a professional installation.

Remember that some security fences also have to comply with national and local codes (pool fences for example) so you need professionals you can trust, from your own area, to ensure that your fences do just that.


Fences aren't just practical. They have to look good too. Which is another reason to trust your installation to specialists who are familiar with all the different options available. Whether its installing a fence that looks perfect despite sloping ground, or fitting in with neighboring properties, let our installers show you how good your fence can look.

Durham, NC