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This is a picture of a fencing services.

Durham Fence Pros are your professional fencing contractors for every stage of every type of fence installation you can think of.  Whether you're putting in a fence for the first time, upgrading an existing fence system, swapping to get a more modern or a more traditional look then we are the team to go to for advice and service.

Some aspects of building codes in North Carolina are particularly precise, including certain security issues about home fencing so if you are concerned about complying with local building codes then come to the local experts from the Durham/Raleigh area and we will tell you exactly what we can do to satisfy both the codes and yourself.

If you're happy with your existing fence but time and the weather mean that the fence itself doesn't look so happy anymore then pick up the phone and give us a call about fence repairs and upgrades.  Has your fence taken a bit of a beating from the elements or a less than careful driver?  We can have it back to looking brand-new in no time.

We work with pretty much every type of fence you can think of and we know more options and developments in modern styles and materials so tell us what you need and we're confident we can surprise you with the range of options we can deliver to you.

Durham, NC