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Swimming Pool Contractor - Put a fence around your pool for safety.

Swimming Pool Fencing

Swimming Pool Fencing - Upgrade your pool and your child's safety

  • Safety and privacy is very important, let us help you secure both.
  • We have th best affordable designers that come hgihly rated and trusted within the area.
  • Our company does both resdiential and commercial projects, where we are a licensed, and insured contractor to do both.
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Swimming pool fencing isn't just a good idea; it's a legal requirement. North Carolina pool code requirements include the specification that any pool, public or private, should have protective fencing at least four feet tall to stop people accidentally falling into the pool and drowning.

There's even a requirement for chain link fencing surround pool s (no larger than 2 1/4-inches across). The gates entering that fencing must be self-latching to prevent them swinging open and they have to unlatch from the inside of the pool space. Above all the idea is that the pool fencing has to be sufficient to stop children climbing over it. Believe it or not that may even include the inflatable pool you bought last summer at Walmart. So getting a swimming pool fence makes a lot of sense.

At Durham Fence Pros we can not only ensure your pool fencing meets the legal requirements, we can make sure it does so in a way that keeps your family safe, doesn't spoil the view, and doesn't leave your bank account empty. So give us a call.

Child fences

If you have children then you don't need anybody to tell you that their safety is your first priority. Pool fencing for children's safety includes careful attention to the height and design to make sure the result is not just a tempting climbing frame. Plus it's essential to have self-closing doors and self-latching.

With Durham Fence Pros you can relax while a certified technician checks the siting and nature of your pool before recommending a design that will keep your kids 100 per cent safe – and comply with local codes.

Pet pool fencing

After the kids the next concern most pool owners have is the pets. You'd think that if you've got yourself a pool fence that's good enough to keep unsupervised kids out of the water then surely you don't have to worry about the family dog. But pool codes are drawn up with people in mind, and our furry friends are often quite a bit smaller.

So talk to Durham Fence Pros about what kind of furry family members you have so we can suggest puppy pickets or other barriers to make sure even the smallest members of your family don't accidentally end up in the pool.

Keeping it good-looking

There are lots of different fence materials for all kinds of uses but pool fences in particular should look good. A pool should be a bright, clean place and the pride of your yard so you want a fence that reflects that and does its job without looking forbidding or depressing.

Talk to a Durham Fence Pros representative about different possibilities for aluminum posts, chain link, pickets, pet pickets, or multiple colors.

Keeping to the code

You've probably heard that there are strict rules about how your pool fence must be built. The commonest thing you hear is that the top has to be four feet high and the maximum mesh size for chain link fencing is a two and a quarter square. But did you know that there are a host of other rules? The vertical clearance between the grade and the bottom of the barrier can't be more than two inches and that has to be measured on the side facing away from the pool.

The spacing between horizontal and vertical elements is specified, the spacing between diagonals is specified, and the maximum size object that can squeeze through at any point is specified. So put the tape measure and rule book down and leave it to the experts at Durham Fence Pros.

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